no one owes you answers. and no one needs to be shamed for their emotions or talked down to. 

fellow tumblr-ers - im looking at a bunch of ya

late night rambles

"Barth’s work has always been concerned with her own physical looking and the ambiguities of seeing: the human gaze and how interacting with a camera both augments and interrupts it, how the physical photographic result creates another layer of visual data independent of both artist and camera… in a seemingly endless loop of extrapolation and embellishment that always begins with personal experience." - James Yood, Aperture Magazine, Spring 2012.
"What did this collection of pictures suggest about time? A basic lesson came insistently to mind: time exposes the frailty inherent in all human endeavors— even the grandest and most secure-seeming ones." - Brian Sholis, Aperture Magazine, Spring 2012.
"…the role photographs play in granting us access to pasts no longer extant… Photographs freeze a specific moment, excise it from its context, and make aspects of that moment accessible at a later date." - Brian Sholis, Aperture Magazine, Spring 2012.
Donkey in Bastrop, Texas. on Flickr.